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We bring ideas to life with innovative designs. We love meshing fresh ideas and new technology. We are not just interested in the latest trends, but essentially in what has been designed well; contemporary, modern or vintage.


We're here to make sure your visitors not only stay longer, but also turn into customers. Our team of experts will guide you on creating visually compelling websites & portals that instantly reinforce credibility and drive conversions.


We're a team of designers, builders & thinkers who craft digital experiences, allowing your brand to express its singularity and build emotive connections with users. We offer the finest designers to create a perfect solution for your business goals by designing digital products and services for the web, mobile and devices.


We are here to help you keep your customers connected when they’re on the go. Whether this is making your existing website mobile compatible or creating a mobile application with a seamless user experience.


We design campaigns that are engaging, and through these campaigns we create genuine connections between people and brands. We enable your brand to become a lovable part of consumers’ daily conversations. We allow people to see and be a part of the things as they happen, and then share their good experience with others.


We aim at crafting online marketing strategies that will meet your business requirements. By using digital channels, our team of experts, promises to deliver competitive and measurable results ensuring visibility, whilst reflecting the values of your brand. By integrating your business goals and perspectives into a strategic action, we select the channels relevant to your objectives and optimize your online presence so you can benefit from the most efficient exposure at the right time, to the right audience in order to create value for the company and engage users.


At the heart of everything we do, lies a great user experience. Our UX team is here to help design digital products and services for the web, mobile and devices that will be both useful and beautiful. Therefore, our UX process is focused on understanding user needs and your brand, so that we can meet and exceed people’s functional expectations of the product while delivering a solution that embodies your brand personality and delights users.


Our skilled marketers can help you build the roads that lead your customer down the path to a rewarding, valuable experience. An effective reward strategy can serve to both motivate and retain your clients. Our team’s goal is to create reward programs that are profitable to business, valuable to consumers, and beneficial to the community.


We design, create and manage fully integrated social media platforms, online strategy and campaigns for our clients, with the ability to analyze, monitor and optimize brand presence and reputation.


How it looks and how it works are intimately connected, so visual design is not simply a process of making wireframes pretty. Our UI/UX team have a deep understanding of user experience design, so we bring those skills into our visual work. We are working on the visual hierarchy, content grouping, spacing, positioning, and size of the elements which are illustrated in wireframes before the designers even set an eye on it.


The key to potential customers finding you on the web is effective search marketing. Google ranks websites higher in accordance to their relevance and usefulness to any given search query. Our SEO strategies can get your website to the top of Google.


We provide a range of web, mobile and custom software solutions for any type of business or size. These include business analysis, strategic planning, and project management to website design, website development and CMS development. We have also experience in planning, designing, and building complete mobile solutions, iOS and Android application development, Windows mobile solutions, mobile application architecting and interface design.


Attract and retain profitable consumers with competitive reward solutions. Let your customer benefit from your partner network and give them additional reasons to stick to your brand and share their experience with others.


Our self-service management solution offers a unique account management experience, by providing a set of features that deliver superior customer service, while driving down operating costs. Empower your business users with anytime, anywhere access to key features such as bill payment, service requests and centralized management of their profile.


Our e-commerce solutions help you get the most from your online channel. High performance, fully integrated & scalable platform for fast-growing and large businesses that will drive traffic to the store, convert browsers into buyers, and boost online revenue.


Speaking directly to each individual customer is the key to successful marketing. Our campaign management solution allows you design, execute and monitor your personalized marketing messaging (email/sms), across all channels.


Smartphones have become an integral part of users’ daily lives. Consumers use smartphones as an extension of their desktop computers and use it as they multi-task and consume other media. Mobile application is a software application designed to work on Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Main operating systems for which we develop mobile applications are iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. We help our customers to choose the best OS for their application depending on their customer target. We create designs and help with ideas for the positioning of the content.


A major benefit of most digital work is that its effectiveness is highly measurable. It’s vitally important that insight gained is fed back into the strategy, resulting in continues improvement and better results. Our goal is to turn information into useful insights. Understand your customer needs and improve your business performance; use an analytic approach over intuition and gut instinct when making decisions and accelerate your business.


Your customers are holding untapped potential for your business. Let us help you turn that potential into growth. We believe that every customer-facing brand can benefit from a well-planned and well-executed customer strategy. We are designing loyalty programs and data-driven customer marketing campaign structures to keep them happy. Keep them coming back and offer them incentives to keep them spending.


Attract and retain profitable consumers with competitive reward solutions. Let your customer benefit from your partner network and give them additional reasons to stick to your brand and share their experience with others.


Every day, your business is interacting with customers and prospects. Synchronize customer data from your back-end systems with ease through our platforms or connect via developer-friendly APIs. We undertake all integration activities with the most well-known CRMs vendors such Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Salesforce etc., as well as custom-made CRMs. This helps your sales, marketing, and customer service teams better understand your customers and ensure that you are delivering the right message, at the right time.


With information systems increasingly offering overlapping data and functionality, systems integration is more than just a technical requirement; it is a best practice. Systems integration saves organizations money by reducing or eliminating duplicate data entry and time spent reconciling discrepancies between different systems. Our systems integration services cover the areas of ERP and our team is highly experienced in the most well-known platforms.


Our team of experts will help you Get perfect and secure application integration services with social media sites. Offering a link between your portal and your customers’ online social lives extends your reach, enables you to connect with customers on a more personal level and encourages discussion around and recommend of your brand.

3rd Party Systems

Organizations are challenged by highly informed and demanding customers, blurring business boundaries and new revenue channels. To succeed, you must ensure that your systems provide tangible results quickly. You need well integrated systems that enable real-time decision making and maximize returns from existing IT investments. Our third party application integration services provide easy real-time access to back-end systems using different approaches for different service providers, though API, XML or white labeling methods. We bring our extensive knowledge base and experience in third party systems integration and help our clients in their customer response and delivery to their clients accelerate growth through the flexible and cost-effective use of technology.


We have a deep understanding of business processes and functional solutions and how to use them to achieve high performance. Our teams will help inspire your customers to engage, choose and stay loyal to your brand. We offer the creative and digital capabilities you need to reimagine your business vision and drive the bottom-line results. Furthermore, we can give answers to the complex business challenges and help you design web & mobile solutions that will help you achieve better business results.


Along with software solutions, Motivian offers IT Consultancy services to its clients. The aim is to deliver client value through our real-world consulting experience and technical expertise. Motivian leverages a distinctive combination of banking expertise, technical depth and differentiated services to deliver the benefits of world-class consulting to its clients. What makes the difference is the professional quality of our Consulting team and their ability to generate sustainable results for their clients. Motivian is heavily investing in the development of new and innovative solutions to meet the financial organizations, mobile operators and government organizations emerging challenges.


We develop your online marketing strategy that will help you create engaging experiences that inspire action. Move your brand forward with insight-rich strategy, intelligent technology and brilliant creatives to consistently exceed expectations and keep your audience engaged. It's these experiences that create lasting connections and build big brands.


Our project management experts identify your strategic options and help configure complex programs. Our team has the experience to deliver a course of action that manages risk, time, cost and quality; the leadership to maintain complete control and transparency across the process along with passion and enthusiasm to drive value. Working alongside with our clients we provide strong, expert leadership from the start of a project that ensures our customers the level of confidence and assurance they require.


Ensure the smooth operation of your services and solutions throughout their lifecycle and take advantage of our 24x7 unparalleled support services. Rely on our unique customer support to handle any problems that may arise during production or after sales stages on or off site. Our specialized technical team provides ISO9001:2000 certified Support and Maintenance services in the Southeastern Europe and USA mobile markets.


More than ever, marketing teams need end-to-end campaign capabilities to create, deliver, track and optimize programs across multiple channels. We offer development, delivery, management and tracking services that combine consumer insight and industry experience.


Our content management services can effectively help your enterprise optimize the value of its information at every point in the information lifecycle.


When it comes to testing, there is no room for error. We are the partner that can meet your business needs and deliver the quality your end-users expect! Our dedicated team expertise uses a systematic process to see whether the product or the service meets the specified requirements.


Our experienced team will become easily your reliable partner. We blend creativity and technical expertise with your needs in order to offer you flexible solutions that manage the most complex environments efficiently, safely and securely.


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